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In our present world of so much fear and uncertainty, this professional place is created for teachers, parents, and kids to help discover solutions, receive support for daily challenges, and find the gratitude of personal growth and strength they need NOW.

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Hello, my name is Anke Otto-Wolf. I want to welcome you to my new website Self-Esteem Tools for Teachers, dedicated to teaching the basics of Self-Esteem to students. Please refer to my "About Anke" page for more information on how my personal passions drove me to become a sought-after expert in implementing Self-Esteem teaching in the classrooms.

But now, let me tell you about the basic premise of the website and the tools available to you. I think you will be excited with what you find here and how it can help you in your teaching of children.

One of the most important lessons I've learned in my long and exciting teaching career is, if I was to be the passionate and dedicated teacher that I really am, I had to take teaching my students the basics of self-esteem into my own hands.

This realization grew out of my deep belief that Self-Esteem is the fundamental foundation for future achievements, self-determination and success of my students. This deep seated belief motivated me to create and implement Self-Esteem projects for all my classrooms. Now I want to share these projects and all their possibilities with you and your students. I have developed classroom proven projects with worksheets and guidelines for easy implementation in your classroom and for entire schools.

Self-Esteem-Tools-for-Teachers.com was created to present to you all the tools you need to give your students the one thing they so desperately need to achieve their goals: Self-Esteem. Implement these tools and I guarantee your students will look forward to coming to class and your attendance will increase. They're fun and they work and your students will love them.

For teachers there are details to use the Self-Esteem Quilt Project in the classroom, including the necessary self-esteem worksheets and guidelines, e-classes and seminars, as well as manuals and e-books.

Teachers, please note that the self-esteem lessons do not require a rewriting of any existing lesson plans; maybe just a few welcomed adjustments are needed. Administrators can easily implement the Self-Esteem program throughout their districts with the help of an exciting lay-out for entire schools.

Parents, let's remove the effects of low self-esteem in kids! Also, for you and your children's participation at home there are plenty of materials available through this website to boost their self-esteem. Please, feel free to browse.

Make sure you click on Toley Ranz, the self-esteem guide for our youngster!

Return to our website often because we will be hard at work adding new and exciting information for your classrooms, more free products and valuable information on future mentoring classes.

My wish is to help you, my colleagues, to be able to work in a more learning conducive environment, increase class attendance and at the same time, provide 'your' kids with the beauty and power of high Self-Esteem!

Once again, thank you for visiting Self-Esteem Tools for Teachers. self-esteem tools for teachers

Meet Anke Otto-Wolf, published author and passionate teacher
Meet Anke Otto-Wolf: a published author, passionate teacher, and an authority on Self-Esteem; she has transformed 'wild' classrooms, from K-12, into tranquil, learning conducive environments.
Our Mission and Vision
Our Mission and Vision: There is a need to make a difference in today’s education. Through the Self-Esteem Tools in Schools Campaign
Testimonials: Read what people are saying!
Testimonials: Read what teachers, children, business owners, authors and even a former President of the United States have to say about Anke Otto-Wolf.
Business Partners: Highly Recommended Specialists
Business Partners: These are highly recommended specialists to help build self-esteem in your family, schools, business and life.
Contact Anke Otto-Wolf. Self-Esteem author, speaker and coach.
Contact Anke Otto-Wolf. Self-Esteem Expert and author of Self-Esteem Wizard in Class and Toley Ranz 4 U.
Welcome to our Self-Esteem and Tolerance Blog
In our present world of so much fear and uncertainty, this professional place is created for teachers, parents, and kids to help discover solutions and receive support for daily challenges.
Self-Esteem Tools for Teachers: Hands on information on how to build self-esteem
Self-Esteem Tools for Teachers: how to increase valuable time to educate and decrease disruptive behavior by enhancing Internal and External Assets as well as building character skills.
Self-Esteem Tools for Schools: Helping you do what you love to do.
Self-Esteem Tools for Schools and Teachers: how to increase valuable time to educate and decrease disruptive behavior by enhancing Internal and External Assets as well as building character skills.
Self-Esteem Campaign Tools
Self-Esteem Campaign Tools: Giving, schools, teachers and districts an edge in building children’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and boost their love for learning.
Self-Esteem Quilt Book: Use your valuable time to teach.
Self-Esteem Quilt Book: Use your valuable time to teach. Increase class attendance, boost self-esteem, reduce school violence.
Free Self-Esteem Workbook
FREE Self-Esteem Workbook: Essential Self-Esteem Tools Workbook: Fact-Filled Book Reveals How You Can Create high Self-Esteem with worksheets, interactive games/activities, etc.
Self-Esteem Tools for Parents: 10-Point Guide as a weekly or monthly theme
Self-Esteem Tools for Parents: applying the ten-point guide in your household will prepare your youngsters for school, and those who are already attending will be far ahead of all the other kids.
Self-Esteem Tools for Kids: A 10-Point Guide for your Life
Self-Esteem Tools for Kids: Hello Kids, come and join me in finding out that being tolerant does absolutely not mean that you have to 'put up' with someone's bad behavior!
Who is Toley Ranz? A whimsical character with a powerful message .
Who is Toley Ranz? is the strong inner voice through which children learn to be aware, enhance their self-esteem, and accept responsibility for their own actions!
Toley Ranz Story: You can submit a story of your very own Psst-psst!
Toley Ranz Story: Share your very own Toley Ranz Psst-psst story. Remember, being tolerant does not mean that you have to “put up” with someone’s bad behavior or ugly words.
Self-Esteem Books: Toley Ranz and the Purple Pencil Books
Self-Esteem Books and CDs; Meeting Toley Ranz, Sammie's Big Decision, A Goal for the Purple Pencil and Toley Ranz Audio Books.
Gift Store for schools, teachers, parents and kids
Gift Store: WOW! Over 100 Items To Choose From With original Toley Ranz designs.
lack of self-worth, school shootings, and saying ok
Lack of Self-Worth, school shootings and killings, and saying OK are combined profound concerns that ought to be addressed immediately. After the recent tragic school shooting in Germany, I received a
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