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Chapter I

  • Practical Use of Essential Self-Esteem Tools
  • Three Essential Tools
  • Worksheets 1, 2, 3

Chapter II

  • Power of Imagination and Visualization
  • The fourth Essential Tool
  • A Quiet Morning Moment
  • Visualization 1, 2, 3

Chapter III

  • Mindful Thoughts
  • Affirmation

Chapter IV

  • Games and Activities
  • Critical Thinking

Chapter V

  • Self-Esteem Tools for the very Young
  • Toley Ranz
  • Power of Thought and Expression
  • Toley Ranz 10-point Self-Esteem Guide
  • Class Activities

Chapter VI

  • Resources

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The Daily Dose of Self-Esteem Tools

These inspiring SET messages start your day with a smile and much energy in class, at work or at home. Internationally welcomed the daily messages are of high value to teachers and parents throughout the nation, the UK, in Australia, and in India where hundreds of street kids are eagerly awaiting these daily messages.

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