Self-Esteem Tools for Teachers
Self-Esteem is Enlightened Success

Aren’t you tired of constant disruptions in class, disrespectful and vulgar behavior, and outbursts of frustration and anger through violent interactions?

Then, Self-Esteem is the classroom proven solution for your students. Give your students a REASON to come to school, and increase class attendance now. Boost your students’ self-esteem and let YOUR teaching experience soar!

Don’t you just love those successful classroom movies? Why? Because we admire how a particular teacher’s passionate and successful implementation of Self-esteem has taken his or her students from a “don’t care” attitude to highest achievements! My favorite movie is, “The Freedom Writers”.

How did they do it?

The students’ low self-esteem expressed itself in their violent behavior, their complete listlessness for life, and their distrust toward authority. The teacher intervened with daily lessons to counter low self-esteem which negatively impacted school participation. She not only taught them with passion, but she also threw in a healthy portion of love and respect!

You are one of those successful Teachers! Let me assist you in providing the simple tools for Self-Esteem implementation in your classroom; and watch your “kids’” find their self-respect, and they will succeed!

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The Essential Self-Esteem Workbook

  • The simple Truth about boosting Self-Esteem
  • How to initiate motivation
  • THE workbook for classroom and home
  • Worksheets and guidelines
  • An enlightened approach to self-esteem in the classroom
  • Self-Esteem solutions
  • Self-Esteem worksheets
  • Hand-outs for interactive games / activities

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The Daily Dose of Self-Esteem Tools

These inspiring SET messages start your day with a smile and much energy in class, at work or at home. Internationally welcomed the daily messages are of high value to teachers and parents throughout the nation, the UK, in Australia, and in India where hundreds of street kids are eagerly awaiting these daily messages.

Read here what their leader and protector says:

Dear Anke, thank you for the great, kind and comforting messages….this is really heart warming and eyes filling… I am very sad as I have to leave the vulnerable children [1400 street children] for three months to attend the esteemed university in India CCC… pray that the wolfs may not touch them; in my counseling service center giving training and help, with interest to ‘self-esteem’… thank you dear, it’s a wonderful message every day [DD of SET]…in the service of the young.”
J.J. in Vijayawada City, India

And while you’re at it, read the powerful words sent to us from a Family in Australia who had lost everything in the financial crisis:

“ the DD are awaited with anxiousness, daily…each day they help, calm, and give strength…some are overwhelming to the core…thank you for this service…don’t stop we need them desperately.”
A.S. Adelaide, Australia

And one more:

“… at the moment I live for every moment with my whole family as we are about to loose our loving husband, father, and granddad … will be ok with the support …can you send me…some more DD of SET help and courses on my situation…thanks.” (US, name on file)

And finally:

"The workshop was an eye opener for students..... for the first time [they] really understood tolerance means to accept others for whom they are... don't have to like it, but... have to be respectful... our students learned a lot about making positive choices."
R. Jefferson, HS Principal,

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